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Come Visit Charlotte

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SERMACS 2017 Registration Fees & Cohorts:

CategorySERMACS 2017
Member, Advance$165
Member, Onsite$200
Nonmember, Advance$220
Nonmember, Onsite$275
Post Doctorate, Advance$100
Nonmember Post Doctorate, Advance$120
Post Doctorate, Onsite$135
Nonmember Post Doctorate, Onsite$55
Graduate Student, Advance$75
Graduate Student, Onsite$100
Undergraduate Student, Advance$30
Undergraduate Student, Onsite$50
Precollege Teacher, Advance$10
Precollege Teacher, Onsite$25
Member Ret/Emeritus/Unemployed, Advance$10
Member Ret/Emeritus/Unemployed, Onsite$30
Guest of Registrant, Advance$25
Guest of Registrant, Onsite$50
High School Student$10
50 Year Member$0
Single Session Pass/Band for "framily" member to attend presentation of of UG or Grad presenter$5.00

We are still working on ticketed meals and events