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“Plasmonics for Sustainability: New Chemical Frontiers and Applications”

Wednesday, November 8th, 2017 7:00PM – Charlotte Sheraton Hotel

Dr. Naomi J. Halas
Departments of Electrical & Computer Engineering, Physics and Astronomy, Chemistry, and Bioengineering Rice University

“Membrane-Bound Microwire Arrays for Solar Fuel Production”

Thursday, November 9th, 2017 6:00PM – Charlotte Sheraton Hotel

Dr. Nathan Lewis
Division of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering California Institute of Technology

“Sense, Nonsense, and Science”

Friday, November 10th, 2017 6:00PM – Charlotte Sheraton Hotel

Dr. Joe Schwarcz
Office for Science and Society McGill University

“Forensic Anthropology: From Crime Lab to Crime Fiction”

Friday, November 10th, 2017 8:00AM – Charlotte Sheraton Hotel

Dr. Kathy Reichs
Department of Anthropology (Emerita) UNC Charlotte
Dr. Reichs will be signing her new book “TWO NIGHTS” after talk
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“The Periodic Table: Its Story and Its Significance”

Saturday, November 11th, 2017 11:20AM – Charlotte Sheraton Hotel

Dr. Eric Scerri
Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry University of California, Los Angeles

Invited Symposia & Workshops & Sponsors (click to download full list of symposium sponsors)

Symposium Topic & OrganizersPlanned Keynote SpeakersDay (tentative)
11/8 - 11/11

Analytical Electrochemistry

Steve Creager (Clemson)
David Cliffel (Vanderbilt)Wed AM

Natural Products and Entrepreneurship

Nicholas Oberlies (UNC Greensboro) & Cedric Pearce (Mycosynthetix, Inc.)
William McCulloch (Alba BioPharm Advisors, Inc.)

Wed AM

Instructional Strategies that Promote Student Learning

Kathy Asala (UNC Charlotte)
Jennifer Lewis (Univ. of South Florida)

Wed AM

Bioresponsive Programmable Polymers

Kirill Afonin (UNC Charlotte) & Yaroslava Yingling (NC State)
Vladimir V. Tsukruk (Georgia Institute of Technology)
Wed AM

Advances in Organic Synthesis

Mitch Croatt (UNC Greensboro) & Simon Meek (UNC Chapel Hill)
Jeffrey Johnson (UNC Chapel Hill) - AM
Mary Watson (Delaware) - PM

Bioinorganic Chemistry in the Southeast: From Small Molecules to Macromolecules

Reza Ghiladi (NC State) & Julia Brumaghim (Clemson)
Angela Wilks (Maryland) - AM
Katherine Franz (Duke) - PM


Frontiers in Nucleic Acid Chemistry

Dev Arya (Clemson)
Jonathan B. Chaires (Louisville) - AM
W. David Wilson (Georgia State) -

Microwave Chemistry

Al Stiegman (Florida State) & Geoff Strouse (Florida State)
Greg Dudley (West Virginia) - AM
Aaron Washington (Savannah River National Lab) - PM

Frontiers in Nucleic Acid Chemistry

Dev Arya (Clemson)


Electrochemical Energy and Storage

Steve Creager (Clemson)
Gleb Yushin (Georgia Tech)

Wed PM

Chemistry and the Law

John Zimmer (Smith Moore Leatherwood LLP)
Sean Seymore (Vanderbilt)Wed PM

History of Chemistry

Bill Pennington (Clemson) & Richard Wallace (Armstrong State)
Keith Lindblom (ACS)Wed PM

Laser Photochemistry and Spectroscopy

Katharine Moore-Tibbetts (Virginia Commonwealth)
Michael Duncan (Georgia)

Wed PM

Understanding Membrane Proteins as Therapeutic Targets

Linda Columbus (Virginia)
Craig Lindsley (Vanderbilt)

Wed PM

Contemporary Computational Chemistry

Edwin Webster (Mississippi State) and Craig Bayse (Old Dominion)
Victor Batista (Yale) - Wed PM
Weitao Yang (Duke) - Thu AM
Wed PM/Thu AM

Analytical Neurochemistry

Jill Venton (Virginia)
Leslie Sombers (NC State)Thur AM

Green Chemistry

Felicia Etzkorn (Virginia Tech)
Stephen Miller (Florida)
Thur AM

Chemistry of Art and Artifacts I:

Ruth Beeston (Davidson) & Carol Ann Miderski (Catawba)
Erich Uffelman (Washington & Lee) - AMThur AM

Diversity Day, Part I: African-American Chemists in the Southeast

Margaret Kanipes (NC A&T) (8AM - 10AM)
Dontarie Stallings (Johns Hopkins University)Thur AM

Diversity Day, Part II: LGBTQ and Allies in the Chemical Sciences

Matthew Lockett (UNC Chapel Hill) (10AM - noon)
Christopher Bannochie (Savannah River National Lab, Aiken)Thur AM

Solar Energy Research Conference (SERC)

Jillian Lee Dempsey & Alex Miller (UNC Chapel Hill)

Plenary: Dr. Nathan Lewis - “Membrane-Bound Microwire Arrays for Solar Fuel Production” 6:00PM, Thursday

Thur AM/PM

The Chemical Entrepreneur - From Concept to Commercialization

Terry Say (Say Consulting, LLC) and Jason Lye (LycoWorks, Inc.)

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Thur AM/PM


Stephen Craig (Duke)
Sergei Sheiko (UNC Chapel Hill) - AM
James Mack (Cincinnati) - PM
Thur AM/PM

NMR of Biomolecules and Macromolecules

Kevin Knagge (Murdock Research Institute) & Louis (Lou) Madsen (Virginia Tech)
James H. Prestegard (Georgia) - AM
Christian Hilty (Texas A&M) - PM

Thur AM/PM

Synthetic Biology

(Click for more Information)

Pamela Peralta-Yahya (Georgia Tech) & Gavin Williams (NC State)
Steven Benner (Foundation for Applied Molecular Evolution) - AM
Brian Bachmann (Vanderbilt) - PM
Thur AM/PM

Diversity Day, Part III: Women Chemists in the Southeast

Judith Iriarte-Gross (Middle Tennessee State) & Gail Webster (Guilford)
Judith Iriarte-Gross (Director, Women In STEM Center at Middle Tennessee State)Thur PM

Chemistry of Art and Artifacts II:

Ruth Beeston (Davidson) & Carol Ann Miderski (Catawba)
Kristin Wustholz (William and Mary)Thur PM

Medicinal Chemistry

Erland Stevens (Davidson)
Brian Hurley (Novartis)Thur PM

Solid State Inorganic Chemistry

Maria Gelabert (Winthrop)
Hanno zur Loye (South Carolina)Thur PM

N-Heterocyclic Carbenes

Daniela Tapu (Kennesaw State) & Keith Hollis (Mississippi State)
Greg Robinson (Georgia) - Thurs PM
Anthony J. Arduengo III (Alabama) - Fri AM
Thu PM/Fri AM

Biophysical Chemistry

Rebecca Alexander (Wake Forest)
Brian Kuhlman (UNC Chapel Hill) - Fri AM

The Surface Chemistry of Catalysis and the Environment

John Morris (Virginia Tech)
Heather Allen (Ohio State)Fri AM

Learning Laboratory Safety Through Storytelling

Sammye Sigmann (Appalachian State University) & Mark Lassiter (Montreat)
Robert Hill (Emeritus, Battelle Memorial Institute)Fri AM

Chemistry of Fermentation I: Foods

Brett Taubman (Appalachian State) & Ilenys M. Perez-Diaz (NC State)
Julia Gauglitz (UC-San Diego) & Suzanne Johanningsmeier (USDA-ARS Food Science Research Unit)Fri AM

Chemistry of Fermentation II: Beverages

Brett Taubman (Appalachian State)
Dana Sedin (New Belgium Brewing Company, Asheville)
Fri PM

Undergraduate Programming

Jay Hanna & Robin Lammi (Winthrop)
Kathy Reichs (UNC Charlotte)
Special 8am lecture and book signing. Register for breakfast!

Fri AM/Sat PM

North Carolina Photochemistry (NCPhotochem)

Michael Walter & Marcus Jones (UNC Charlotte) & Walter Weare (NC State)

Biological Mass Spectrometry

Nadja Cech (UNC Greensboro) & Michael Fitzgerald (Duke)
Jessica Prenni (Colorado State) - AM
Neil Kelleher (Northwestern) - PM

Environmental Chemistry

Cindy Hauser (Davidson) & Lee Ferguson (Duke)
Ryan Rodgers (Florida State Future Fuels Institute) - AMFri AM/PM

Undergraduate Research and Teaching at the Frontiers of Inorganic Chemistry

Abigail Shelton (UT Martin) & John Lee (UT Chattanooga)
Barbara Reisner (James Madison) - AM
Jillian Dempsey (UNC Chapel Hill) - PM

Organofluorine Chemistry

Markus Etzkorn (UNC Charlotte)
Thomas Lectka (Johns Hopkins) - 3:15PM
G.B. Hammond (Louisville) - 4:00PM

Nanostructured Polymers: Chemistry and Applications

Guoliang (Greg) Liu (Virginia Tech) & Wei You (UNC Chapel Hill)
Jan Genzer (NC State) - AM
Eugene Chen (Colorado State) - PM

Astrochemistry: Ingredients for Life in Extraterrestrial Environments

Heather Abbott-Lyon (Kennesaw State)
Reggie Hudson (NASA Goddard Space Flight Center)Fri PM

Carbohydrate Biochemistry

Jay Troutman (UNC Charlotte)
Geert-Jans Boons (Georgia)

Fri PM

Ionic Liquids

Aaron Socha (Queens University of Charlotte) & Jamie Ferguson (Emory and Henry College)
James Davis (South Alabama)Fri PM


Woodward Centennial

Christopher Bejger (UNC Charlotte)
Jeff Seeman (Richmond)Sat AM

Project SEED

Tom Schmedake (UNC Charlotte) & Douglas Masterson (Southern Mississippi)
Victor Hall
(Society for Science and the Public)
Sat AM

Chemistry Educator Day

Marilynn Sikes & Alisa Wickliff (UNC Charlotte)